We use only the best golden wheat straw to produce a firm dust free pellet that will crack and crumble easily under your horses hooves without the need for watering.

Wood pellets are an easy, cost effective way to bed your horse down and still have the fresh smell of pine. Wood pellets can be used as a traditional bed or on rubber matting. Due to the high temperatures reached during pelleting most moulds are denatured before bagging creating a healthy bedding.

Wood pellets break down quickly leaving you with a smaller muck heap reducing the amount of times per year that your heap will need removing.

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How to use

  • Add 6-8 bags of our wood pellets to a 12ft x 12ft stable to setup the bed.
  • Spread the pellets evenly across the bedding area and add a little water to activate the pellets which will start them fluffing up.
  • They will expand over the next couple of days to produce a supportive bed for your horse or pony.
  • Remove droppings and wet patches daily and top up with fresh pellets when needed. Usually 1 bag every 3-5 days depending on your horse and the environment/weather at that time of year.
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We use a 48hr weekday courier who will contact you on day of delivery. (this may be longer for northern Scotland and Ireland or really busy times of the year)

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